Bars & Night Life


Legendz Bar & Grille features international stars of the grille and is the go-to place in the Seven Mile Beach area of Grand Cayman!  Enjoy a cool cocktail, wine or beer in our beautiful air-conditioned comfort while watching great games and music videos on our 10 wide-screen TVs.  Peruse our Menus now then come to see us soon!

Location: a little north of the Westin, a short drive from the Beachcomber


Lillies is a lively bordello-styled night club with a large dance floor.  Featuring a renovated upstairs level decorated in red, gold, and black, and featuring bordello prints throughout. Lillies was inspired by a Dublin lounge with the same name, and sports five bars, cozy bottle service areas, a garden inspired smoking patio, lighting systems comparable to that of any North American night club and a massive chandelier centerpiece imported from Europe.

Location: The Strand Shopping Center, a short walk from the Beachcomber


When craving a real nook of a bar to escape from the madding crowd, it doesn’t get much better than the Backroom Bar – a small, intimate bar that is cozy and inviting. Mixology lives at this secret cocktail den hidden behind a small door in Regency Court on Seven Mile Beach, a haven for superlative bartenders who whip up divine custom cocktails; high-end price tags, chill vibes and a hip crowd come with the territory. The design and décor make you feel like at home, even though you’ll feel like you’re a world away.

Location: Regency Court, a short walk from the Beachcomber


The Tasting Room is a timeless space, where you have the option to be comfortably seated at a rustic hardwood table, for a Dinner Experience or have a more casual standing Wine Tasting Experience.  Guests are surrounded by thousands of bottles of fine and unique wines.   Discover new wines and enjoy them in the rustic confort of our tasting room.  Taste wines as if you were at the winery, we create Wine Tasting Experiences by pairing unique wines with freshly prepared foods, inspired by the traditional ingredients of the wines origins.  The Tasting Room can accommodate up to 18 guests seated around one large table and up to 40 guests standing.   Minimum spend requirements apply. 

Location: Caribbean Plaza, a short walk from the Beachcomber


Get a little taste of Texas in the Caribbean at Lone Star Bar & Grill.  You can enjoy juicy burgers in the dining room or head immediately for the bar.  Here you can sip lime and strawberry margaritas or tropical fruit drinks, sample more than 100 different shots, and watch several sports events simultaneously on 15 different TV screens. Don’t overlook lunch, the least crowded time. The extensive Tex-Mex menu also features BBQ chicken and lots of burgers. Stay for happy hour.

Location: Across from Lacovia, a short walk south of the Beachcomber